Information on the market for electronic cigarettes and their refills

Vytvořeno: 9. 6. 2023 Poslední aktualizace: 9. 6. 2023

In accordance with Section 12h (4) b) of Act No. 110/1997 Coll., on foodstuffs and tobacco products and on amending and supplementing certain related acts, as amended (hereinafter the “Act”), a manufacturer and importer of electronic cigarettes or refill containers shall submit to the Ministry of Health in electronic form by remote transmission of data, in the extent stipulated by the implementing legal regulation and by the deadlines, all their electronic cigarette and refill cartridge market information.

In accordance with Section 8 of Decree No. 37/2017 Coll., on electronic cigarettes, refill containers and herbal products for smoking, the manufacturer and the importer shall submit the above information for each calendar year by 31 May of the following year at the latest.

The submission shall include:

a) A summary of sales volume information by brand and type of product
b) Information about the preferences of different consumer groups, including young people, non‑smokers and the main types of current users
c) Information about the methods of product sales
d) Summaries of any market research conducted to identify the information referred to in points (a) to (c):
– in Czech and English languages for electronic cigarettes and refill containers with nicotine
– in Czech language only for electronic cigarettes and nicotine-free refill containers

Manufacturers and importers shall submit the above information to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic via the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) in the same way they announce new products or update/supplement previously-submitted notifications (attachement).